and I push

the door open


ash on the grate

heather and feather


from a low sun

branched dials point to corners

the cold bed

the cobwebbed pump

from transparent matter

a conversation of sea and song

I throw my map into the fireplace

banked embers rise

living water flows

tea steeps

outside in the wind

woven blankets flap

in cool undercurrents

wandering geese

fly home





















Red Madonna

Red Madonna is an online gathering of women under a virtual Red Tent. Poetry, teachings on the sacred feminine and painting through the structure of waxing, waning, new and full moons. This process will last two years and is titled ‘ Wisdom’s Table ‘.

Each full moon Shiloh Sophia brings another stage to what will be a two year painting on the same canvas. I used two Victorian sections of floorboards as my painting surface. Here is a still from each month of progression so far..


Legend-Oracle and ally

The Gate Beautiful
Acrylic on canvas – 120 cm x 100 cm



Invertebrate sand to stone

Caterpillar grass to cloth

Golden bark to paper


In the courtyard of the women

A violet essence rings

Through translucent porcelain

and crimson flowers reign

On pomegranate trees


A cuckoo calls

Bringing acorns to eat

A bitter feast

Darkness, shadow, light, shadow, darkness, light, shadow, light

Resting in the dark

Feeling the difference

of grit from seed


I stand inbetween

Where two ways meet

and I hear singing

Singing with slips and slides, rattles, cracks and flickers, flutters of leaves

The sun lifting their soft pale undersides

I make my way

a coal and coral fashioned pot

Containing seeds

and a modicum of grit.