‘Nothing Gold Can Stay,’ ( Robert Frost ) Waka to Haiku..

Inspired by the ‘ Carpe Diem goes back to it’s roots post –  Waka.’ The challenge to turn a Waka into a Haiku.. I found this beautiful 7th century Waku by Fujwarano Akisuke..

The divine princess of the mountain

Has the very choicest of brocades

Laid before her, yet

The scattering of the Autumn leaves

Can be halted, how?

The princess of the mountain
The princess of the mountain

the field maple

performs it’s own sunset dance

leaves tinged with frost


    1. I had seen this via ye pirates page and felt a bit shy, but I’ve done as you suggested (via a torturous route of technical thingies) Any idea why i keep getting a red cross next to my link ?!! Thanks for the encouragement…


      1. i think the red mark happens with every link that first goes up – i’m not sure but it happens with me as well. maybe it needs time to process? the easiest way to link is to copy your GetShortlink(in edit page) and then paste it in the Carpe Diem URL box. easiest way i think. glad you linked up so others can find you. 😛


  1. Thank you for visiting Carpe Diem Nicole … I have read wonderful haiku here at your weblog, but haven’t seen you visiting Carpe Diem … please feel free to visit and share your haiku with our haiku-family. You’re so welcome …


    1. Thankyou Chevrefeuille, I haven’t been keeping up with the daily challenges, then I feel like I have too much to catch up with and feel a bit overwhelmed….the ligo challenge stays in my head all week leaving no space for any other thinking!! It’s much easier if one just pops into my head ….I saw that some of your prompts have a longer deadline, I was going to have a go at those! I’m encouraged that you think my haiku are worth sharing,and thanks for taking the trouble to extend the hand of friendship…..


    2. Hi…I took the Tan Renga challenge, Never done that before , it was fun! and I was inspired to write a haiku in the style of Hando which I will post this eve when it is open…( look what a little encouragement can do..! )blessings to you and yours..


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