About Nicole

I have a 1st Class degree in Graphic Arts/Illustration and Fine Art Printmaking. In this blog , I explore poetry, mostly in haiku form, folk tales, painting, illustration. All work, visual and written is mine unless otherwise stated.

Most of my work is for sale. If you are interested in owning my one of a kind paintings/poetry there is an option to buy through PayPal

Thankyou for visiting.


      1. milk break, dark side of the moon and I like the whirling dervish revolutions. great handwriting too. I miss handwriting and written letters. My daughter´s partner has wonderful handwriting but we don´t hardly see the written word anymore.


  1. It is a beautiful skill that is being lost, it is becoming like most things that are now taken over virtually a ‘ craft ‘ It’s something I’ve always derived pleasure from and I appreciate you drawing ( ! ) my attention to it’s worth. I have been thinking of going this way for some time…books etc x


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