Legend-Oracle and ally

The Gate Beautiful
Acrylic on canvas – 120 cm x 100 cm



Invertebrate sand to stone

Caterpillar grass to cloth

Golden bark to paper


In the courtyard of the women

A violet essence rings

Through translucent porcelain

and crimson flowers reign

On pomegranate trees


A cuckoo calls

Bringing acorns to eat

A bitter feast

Darkness, shadow, light, shadow, darkness, light, shadow, light

Resting in the dark

Feeling the difference

of grit from seed


I stand inbetween

Where two ways meet

and I hear singing

Singing with slips and slides, rattles, cracks and flickers, flutters of leaves

The sun lifting their soft pale undersides

I make my way

a coal and coral fashioned pot

Containing seeds

and a modicum of grit.